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Rites of Passage


A Powerful Guest for a POWERFUL Episode! Tom Kier, of Sayoc Tactical Group, made his way to the Bronx for a talk that EVERY MAN needs to hear, share, and discuss! Join the Pressure Guys and Tuhon Tom for a Manversation for the Ages.

“Historically, normally, there’s a boy, who’s nothing more than a boy, who then is asked to prepare for a process to become a man.”

“Why can’t people see that…we now have a body of evidence that shows the effects of these decisions we’ve made as a society.”

“Sports, for me, was a great learning ground for me to figure out how I was supposed to relate to other people…”

“Like the hook hanging rite of passage, they’re almost always, by design, monumental…”

“The parents asked how long they had to hole it above their heads. I told them they hold it until they cry…without putting it down.”

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