Indifference Is King

You are worth nothing to everything else. You cannot measure the care those outside of your life’s reach have for you and yours. Zero is the absence of a thing in that sense. No debt. The bar does not slide in the other direction. No, you are but a character in a book that the vast majority of all will never even hear of. We don’t understand this as a society. It isn’t easy to learn. It makes no one money. It never exists as a pat on the back. After all, who can think of all the things they’ve never thought of? Even strangers don’t exist.

To the universe, your struggle is a sprained ankle on the flea of a dog’s ass. That should be the image you see the next time you choose to breathe your magic spell of victimization into the ears of the uninitiated. Nice men will remind you that many have done more with less. Real men will tell you to shut the fuck. Most men will never even hear you. It’ll be you alone who is left with the weight of the imaginary shackles. How much time do you intend convincing others they’re real?

Strength is as much letting go as it is accumulation more of a thing. In our arrogance we see ourselves as the designers of our fate. The architect of our achievement. How foolish this confidence is. Why would we choose to waste our time constructing a wind in the place of pitching a sail? We have as much say in our journey as the grass does to the rain. There is time for growth. There is time for more growth. There is never time for nothing. There are no time outs in this reality. The energy is always moving.

You are all others’ “other”. To put expectations on another is always a selfish pursuit. You have no power here, man. You cannot use the universe to make decisions in the minds of the masses. Your controller has two buttons in this world and those of all others will always be on the other side of the screen. See the will of others as a component of the journey. As a cloudy summer day. As a smile on a passerby. As a pain in the middle of your chest. As the embrace of your child as you send them off to their day. Ride the wave, Man.

The only power you have over the universe is in your will. Those two buttons are all-powerful, by the way. Not a force in the natural world can remove one, but not a chanced luck in hell can another be added. This or that done to this or that. There is nothing more. Wait long enough and a button will press itself. How? Who cares? Press buttons.

See the angry as you would the distraught. Their spirits possesses the same amount of shit. Nietzsche said that compassion does nothing but add to the suffering in the world. I would contend that emotion increases the world’s confusion. We are not meant to navigate this trek on a path that exists entirely in our minds. Only the weak opt for a view inwards on an outbound journey. We can engage a flight of stairs in unlimited ways, but none will complete the mission more succinctly then to put foot in front of foot. Not simple…pure. Free from the poison of inefficiency. Free from the baggage of doubt. Free from the obstruction of the mind.

The thinker sees the first to step in the direction of strength. To float down a river is to move with its current. Such is the thinker’s style. To move with all that moves despite us is power, whereas a choice in universal matters is the dreariest kind of stupidity. Ride the current when possible, lest it pull you under.

For every failure, let there be another. The bright side is that your will is still yours. The balance you seek is beyond your ability to observe, let alone obtain. All things tried and failed are closer to success than the deferment of a coward. To commit all probable outcomes is natural law, not the will of malevolent intent. Push those buttons.

It is Indifference that is King. Forgiveness, to the forgiver, is like sobriety to the alcoholic. Be so strong that you needn’t rely upon the consolation of weak concession. Bad magic, it is. Live at a pace that your enemies become like the leaves to an ascending bird; never being destroyed, but quickly becoming irrelevant…insignificant. Whatever it is, it’ll be there if you should lose your power and need a lesser hurdle in your path.

Pressure to POWER.
Indifference Is King
~Master Chim

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