Bring the Pain

Bring the Pain

It should hurt. It should all hurt. For a while, at least. It’s not something you hear much these days, but it was a common conversation in eras past. It was life itself who’d have it with us then, but it’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed such banter.

It was a familiar task, having to “feel” the value of work, the pain of progress. We never used to bat an eye at the labor life asked of us. It was a small price to pay for the power of this most glorious journey. We were fortunate, really. Put the work in, become capable of more work. An artful deal, indeed.

Somewhere along the line the pain diminished, though. Some gained power so immense it began to overflow. It fell upon the lives of others. These others also became capable of more work. More capable through the vessel of the powerful, of course. See, these newly…, nay, falsely empowered, no longer needed to speak with life. No, they managed to access such talks’ benefits without the touch of what is real, without the pain.

As logic would predict, and one “in touch” would expect, other people’s power is a diminishing resource. Humans are a flawed, predictable lot. What is incentivized shall be. How long would we expect such a tainted sort to push when being pulled remains a formidable alternative? As long as never, naturally.

What I offer is not really mine to give. It’s more testament than tutorial. It’s simple, yet simply absent from the journeys of these days. Try as you may, you probably won’t even try. It’s not comfortable, yet no thing in your path will offer so much comfort to what matters: your tribe, your pride, your purpose, your soul. What I speak of will bring smile to tears if done correctly. That is, with commitment. Choose to engage this wisest of teachers and soon you will see its lessons in all things.

I offer pain. I offer it as incentive, as teacher, as life. The bond we long ago forged with this universe is unbreaking. We can choose to betray this age-old alliance, but the universe shall not betray us. We need only to seek it out in this pampered, dying world. We’ve walked off and isolated ourselves from power, we humans. We…weaklings. The fire that burns from the sweat of the strong yearns to be reignited, Brothers. But it needs fuel to smolder again. Fuel that only we can bring to its shrine.

We need to bring the pain. How beautiful is the man who dances with his destiny? How powerful the man who chooses to explore his limits, not retreat to the sanctum of security. The pain loves such a man. The pain will bring him his power. The pain is waiting to aid. The pain needs to be wielded once more.

Your life is powerfully finite. Do you opt for the path or the pain? The path was constructed by the pain of another. Its comfort will certainly overflow toward your feet if you so choose. What will you do, Man? I plead you to do what is natural, regardless of the choice. If comfort is what you seek, may you long bask in the efforts of your master. To the initiated, I expect no less. You, too, must bring your nature.

Bring the pain.

Pressure to Power

“Bring the Pain!”


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