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Master Chim and White Boy Pat speak to Warrior Mentor Tuhon Tom Kier on the Mindset we have lost as men, the virtues of raising a warrior, and how we can still change our ways and re-embrace our Warrior Ethos.

“I didn’t associate myself with the “group” of Martial Artists. They always looked to me to be “others”… and they didn’t really know how to Fight”

“Here’s a guy (Wild Bill Guarnere) in his 90’s, physically not very strong but there can be no denying this guy is a warrior just by talking to him”

“Democracy (Freedom)… Is definitely something Americans understand”

“The idea of being able to take care of yourself… we don’t really have that anymore”

“The idea that “my life is not the most important thing to me” is an idea more people need to take on board”

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Sayoc Tactical Group the organization Tom Kier Leads

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The Black Community (Charlize Theron isn’t to be included, so…) here in the States is in as dire a situation as it’s been since slavery. Yes, shit was effed up then, but a return to the bottom is well on its way. Only this time, the Black Community (not African traders) is to blame. Broken homes, violent crime, and one hell of a victimized “groupfeel” (Thanks, Jack) epidemic has lead the Black Man into a rut. One that finds them playing muse to a race war, socialism, and police state all at once.

Boom! The phone starts “blowing up” with one message/text/voicemail/email after the next. “Did you hear the he/she is training over there now!?” Ahh, the joys of owning a martial arts school… For over a decade…