You are worth nothing to everything else. You cannot measure the care those outside of your life’s reach have for you and yours. Zero is the absence of a thing in that sense. No debt. The bar does not slide in the other direction. No, you are but a character in a book that the vast majority of all will never even heard of.

The Black Community (Charlize Theron isn’t to be included, so…) here in the States is in as dire a situation as it’s been since slavery. Yes, shit was effed up then, but a return to the bottom is well on its way. Only this time, the Black Community (not African traders) is to blame. Broken homes, violent crime, and one hell of a victimized “groupfeel” (Thanks, Jack) epidemic has lead the Black Man into a rut. One that finds them playing muse to a race war, socialism, and police state all at once.